World of wool

Properties of Wool

Properties of wool

Natural wool fiber, used in all products from our offer, is a raw material of the absolutely highest quality, exceptionally delicate and soft. It comes from sheep growing in areas completely free of industrial pollution, thanks to which it has advanced health and anti-allergic properties. In other words, Magma products not only perfectly create a feeling of complete comfort, home warmth and maximum relaxation, but also have a real impact on improving well-being and significantly shortening the recovery period in case of various types of health ailments.
Multi-stage research carried out on wool products from our offer confirmed the thesis that sheep fleece products cause faster recovery in many diseases, while providing pain relief and soothing a number of bothersome symptoms. They have proven that their use in both health prevention and therapeutic rehabilitation is definitely advisable. Moreover, it should even be recommended by specialists.
The special nonwoven fabric present in sheep fleece products visibly improves blood circulation and thus relieves pain and relaxes muscle tension. Our products can therefore be used in degenerative diseases of the spine (especially the cervical and lumbar parts) and joints, as supportive treatment for peripheral nerve damage and during rehabilitation after all types of bone injuries and fractures.
How does it happen? Clinical assessment shows that wool fiber products have a positive effect on the body in three ways at the same time:
  • First of all, they produce natural heat. The influence of the phenomenon of temperature exchange between the body and the environment on human health and current well-being is beyond any doubt. Wool fibers are a kind of regulatory mechanism that maintains a constant body temperature. In this way, the supply of oxygen and energy substances from the blood to the tissues increases, waste products of metabolism are removed, muscles relax and the elasticity of the connective tissue increases.
    Precise research has proven that local application of heat increases the anti-inflammatory effect, relieves pain, improves joint flexibility and tissue metabolism, and indirectly stimulates the entire nervous system.
  • Secondly, they provide a soothing skin massage. This type of influence is one of the oldest therapeutic methods. The importance of the skin for the functioning of the body is enormous – its condition determines the stability of the internal environment of the body, and therefore the stability of the processes taking place in it. Appropriate, continuous skin massage, strengthening its basic functions, therefore has a beneficial effect on the entire human body.
  • Thirdly, they stimulate negative ions. Wool significantly increases the activity of anions in the body, maximizing the effects of their positive impact. Negative ions prevent the growth of germs, neutralize positively charged viruses and neutralize a significant part of harmful bacteria. Their presence clearly strengthens the immune system and improves metabolism. At the same time, it adds vitality and energy to the body for everyday functioning.