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About Us

Magma - natural products

Magma is one of the most recognized brands among producers of woolen knitted products.The period of the last few years, when we have dynamically transformed from a family company into a large, successfully thriving production company, has confirmed our belief in the strength of the priorities that we have been constantly taking care of since the beginning of our activity. The most important things for us are: the highest quality of natural raw materials, the exclusivity of products and their best possible adaptation to the needs of customers and current trends in a healthy lifestyle.Maintaining the position of one of the most effective and best-rated suppliers in the country, we are increasingly developing our activities also on the foreign market, including: in the Netherlands, Finland, Estonia, Czech Republic, Japan and Canada.Our catalog includes, among others,wool articles clothing, wool bedding, rehabilitation woolen accessories, wool products for children and wool articles for pets, as well as a range of products that enrich interior furnishings.
What is extremely important, the pure and natural sheep wool used in them has very rich properties and extraordinary therapeutic and rehabilitation effectiveness, which we have confirmed by special tests. The health-promoting properties of the raw material we use are documented by Polish and international quality certificates awarded to Magma. In all our new initiatives, we consistently maintain one common denominator: the idea of physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle. That is why we never stop expanding and improving our product line so that it always meets the growing requirements of all customers. In order to reach each of them quickly, we do not rule out expanding our distribution network. Detailed contact details of the headquarters and nationwide representative offices of our company can be found on the website kontakt . We invite you to cooperate!


Very nice contact and professional help. Timely processing of orders is an advantage of this sewing shop. Thanks to qualified staff, the quality of services is really high, and the company owners are open to negotiations.
I recommend it wholeheartedly. Agata
Magma is a great partners. Produces high quality product on time. A true wave of energy anout which You should not have any doubts! I recommend cooperation with Magda!